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PEOPLE CONSERVING WATER CONSERVING WATER U R B A N WAT E R U S E B AY . . S TAT U S . . CONTEXT Everyone uses water dozens of nesses, institutions, and industries. Most of this urban water — over 75% — is imported, primarily times a day to wash, flush, cool, clean, dilute, or from the Delta and Central Valley watersheds irrigate. The San Francisco Bay Area uses about with smaller amounts from the Russian River and 1 million acre-feet per year of water, 90% of Tomales Bay. Less than 10% is supplied from local which supports urban activities in homes, busi- Bay-draining (non-Delta) watersheds, such as the Napa River and Alameda, Coyote, Los Gatos and San Mateo Creeks. The remaining 15% is supplied from groundwater, which is a locally signif- icant supply source to urban users in the Santa Clara and Livermore Valleys, and in Fremont and the North Bay; some of that groundwater is derived from the recharge of imported surface water. With four straight years of low runoff from the Delta watersheds and the record low snowpack in 2015, state and local agencies have made water conser- vation both a priority and a mandate for urban municipalities. More efficient use of water by urban residents and businesses reduces the demand on already-over- drawn supply sources, leaving more water to maintain the habitats, living re- sources, and ecological processes of the Bay and its watersheds. It also increases Rendering of two San Francisco buildings that will capture, water supply reliability; reduces vulner- treat and reuse gray water and rainwater for toilet and urinal ability to earthquakes, droughts, fires, flushing, and for irrigation: 181 Fremont (tall tower at right) and and rising sea level; and cuts the costs of Transbay Transit Center (rooftop park at middle). The former treating and transporting water. received a $250,000 grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission because the system will offset 1 million gallons of potable water per year. Photo: Jay Paul Company and Heller Manus Architects. 77 Total Water Use: Fair Per-Capita Use: Good . . . .T R E N D . . . . Improving .....BENCHMARK..... 125 gallons/day/person 25% reduction Photos: SCWA